A Matrix of Multiple Intelligences/Bloom’s Taxonomy

I’m going through ideas I have for this blog. I have a lot planned so far. But I have one thing missing from that schedule. I don’t have anything education related! I’m not kidding! And this is my job, people!

This post is part of a unit of study about World War II. I needed all the standards I was going to touch which turned out to be 46 standards from about 7 different groups. A culminating activity which tied everything together at the end. This particular acitivity grouped students into groups of 2 and they wrote an entry for a encyclopedia of World War II. One legitimate lesson plan which I chose to write a lesson about making a good propaganda poster. And a learning matrix.

A learning matrix combines Bloom’s Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligences into one unit and think of 48 seperate activities and lessons ideas. Thank God not lesson plans, but just ideas.

To put it simply, Bloom’s Taxonomy is a heirarchy of what to teach. The general idea goes from knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Multiple Intelligences is how students learn. Some are visual and can look at something and understand it. Some are musically inclined and can get ideas and concepts through music.  Now, you can’t cater an entire unit to one intelligence, but you the more you hit, the better.

I just couldn’t think of a damn thing for any of these. It took me three weeks of straight work to get the entire unit done. And just being able to work was hard enough with Gubby in the hospital. So I had to do a lot in the waiting room, write down ideas as they came to me in her room and in the car going from my house to Cal to the hospital and back home.

And really, I can’t remember how I got it done. Especially when Gubby died. She died on Easter, which was a cold, rainy day. And the Thursday it was due, I kept thinking about how hot it was. I’m trying to figure out the days and its not coming back to me. Did I get it done before she died? If not, how did I do it after? Did the Andy Warhol project really take up all of that time that I can’t remember anything from that? It was an exceptionally hard time and assignment that I’m glad I have it behind me.


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